West German Art Pottery is a term describing the time period of 1949-1990. It became the early way to describe the pottery, because the country of origin is often the only ‘mark’ on the base of items. During the 1960′s there were around 150 different companies producing West German Pottery. They included Bay Keramik, Carstens, Ceramano, Dumler & Breiden, ES Keramik, Fohr, Gramann Romhild, Marzi & Remy, Otto Keramik, Ruscha, Scheurich, Silberdistel and U-Keramik.

West German Pottery is very much in vogue at the moment, yet remains inexpensive and great fun to collect. The colours are bold, bright and will fit into many different home interiors. Items are functional as vases, pitcher/jugs, plates & bowls.

What’s not to love about West German Pottery?