• Charlie Bears - Bearhouse

    Charlie Bears - Bearhouse (14)

    Bearhouse Bears are machine washable (as a last resort), non-jointed, made with the finest plush fabrics and are suitable for anyone aged 18 months and over.
  • Charlie Signature Bears

    Charlie Signature Bears (8)

    The Signature Collection began in 2022.  Made of the finest plush fabrics and  numbered editions of 600 pieces of each, worldwide.  The 4 pieces for 2023 and 2024 are characters from Alice in Wonderland.  Their tailored costumes and exquisite detailing place them beautifully between the general Plush Collection and the Isabelle Collection. I suggest you phone or email to put…
  • Charlie Isabelle Mohair

    Charlie Isabelle Mohair (50)

    Charlie Bears Mohair – International Exclusives Each year Charlie Bears produce an International selection of mohair bears. They are Limited Edition bears designed by bear artist Isabelle Lee. Beautifully made, posable, and cuddly to hold. Being only around 200 – 400 of each bear makes them very sort after.  Phone or email us to go on the 'Wish List' and…
  • Charlie Bears - Plush

    Charlie Bears - Plush (129)

    CHARLIE BEARS PLUSH COLLECTION. Bears with Personality.  Designed by some of the worlds leading bear artists. Morpeth Bears is a stockist of “Charlie Bears”. Charlies Bears was founded in England by Charlotte & William Morris, in 2006. The spirit of Charlie Bears is to provide bears that people will love, cherish and collect. The company is going from strength to…
  • Flat Teddies & Plush Teddy Bears

    Flat Teddies & Plush Teddy Bears (19)

    Soft, cuddly and flat, the FLATOUTbear is a unique product used mainly as a comforting plush toy for your child to hug and cherish. They are made in China from 100% Australian sheepskin. Approximate size of 30cm x 25cm and approximately 4cm flat. They have safety eyes and a safety nose. Because flat Teddy is so soft and flat you…
  • Gollies

    Gollies (14)

    Gollies are original and unique handcrafted cloth dolls. “Modern and bright with a special cheeky sparkle that makes them hard to resist.”
  • Steiff Bears, animals & all things vintage

    Steiff Bears, animals & all things vintage (44)

    Steiff Antique, Vintage Bears & Animals + other items vintage The $9,000 Steiff bear below, is in near pristine condition. Plush mohair all over… When a child sleeps with their teddy and loves him dearly, he’ll get wear marks on one side of his face from being cuddled in bed, and wear marks on his chest from cuddles during the…
  • Steiff Bears, Limited Ed

    Steiff Bears, Limited Ed (62)

    Steiff – the “Rolls Royce” of the Teddy Bear World. Every bear collector should have at least one Steiff Bear!
  • Steiff Bears, Open Ed

    Steiff Bears, Open Ed (35)

    Open edition Steiff Teddy bears and animals have yellow tags along with ‘Button in ear’, which is the Steiff trademark. Any amount of open edition items can be produced. They are collector’s items as well as being perfect for children to play with and cherish. They are still only produced for a certain amount of time before being retired. Before…