Book – Grug Goes To Hospital




Written and illustrated in Australia by Ted Prior. Grug was showing Cara how he could swing on a rope. When he fell heavily to the ground. Cara pushed Grug on to the ambulance and pulled him towards the bush hospital. But the ambulance rolled over and Grug fell out… Children love these books. They listen to them, learn them off by heart and learn to read them.

Decades ago my brother Anthony I grew up with Grug. Grug is the top of an Australian Burrawang Tree, which was struck by lightning. The top fell off and became Grug, whose first objective was to find himself a home. He then meets some new Australian bush animal friends and has plenty of adventures.

It was a pleasure to introduce my nephew Alexander to Grug, who remains a firm favourite. Alexander loved listening to the stories from just a newborn, he learnt to read them for himself and continues to do so. Created by former Novocastrian Ted Prior, Grug had been out of print for perhaps 15 years, and the entire series of 24 stories were reprinted a few years ago. There are now 34 stories in the series, with Grug the Superhero released in October 2014, followed by Grug gets Lost, Meets a Dinosaur & has his first Easter in 2015.

The series includes:

Grug – tells the story of how Grug came to be…, Grug Goes to the Beach, Grug and His Bicycle, Grug and the Big Red Apple, Grug Builds a Boat, Grug Builds a Car, Grug and His Garden, Grug Goes Fishing, Grug Goes to School, Grug and the Green Paint, Grug Has a Birthday, Grug and His Kite, Grug Learns to Cook, Grug Learns to Dance, Grug Learns to Swim, Grug Meets Snoot, Grug and His Music, Grug in the Playground, Grug Plays Cricket, Grug Plays Soccer, Grug and the Rainbow,Grug Goes Shopping, Grug at the Snow, Grug at the Zoo, Grug and his First Christmas, Grug Learns to Read, Grug and the Circus, Grug and his Imaginary Friend, Grug Learns to Fly, Grug Goes to Hospital, Grug the Superhero, Grug Gets Lost, Grug Meets a Dinosaur, Grug and his First Easter.

There are also hard board books, a colouring book and board book with plush toy available from time to time, when in print.

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