Ginger Beer Factory…
Discover Cordials Brewed the Old Fashioned Way – Or mail-order them online, today!
Right in the heart of Morpeth Village, in the Hunter Valley NSW, just 2 hours north of Sydney, using old fashioned equipment, your cordial is brewed and stirred by hand, bottled just four at a time, labelled individually and packed into cartons ready to deliver to your door. There are thirteen flavours to choose from.
How Much Cordial Do I Use? Ma Beattie’s of Morpeth handmade cordials are very concentrated. The ratio to work with is one part cordial with eight parts lemonade/water. (A very small amount!) It’s half the amount of a commercial cordial. Ma Beattie’s Cordial is suitable for soda streams.
Delivery of cordial to Australian addresses only.