• Brooches Embroidered

    Brooches Embroidered (4)

    Trovelore is an embroidery atelier specializing in the intricate luneville needlework technique, using cotton and beads.  The Trovelore atelier helps sustain and keep alive hand workmanship that has been in the artisans' family for generations.  Making these products is the artisans' prime source of livelihood and they are humbled in their contribution to this cause.  These are new brooches, Handmade…
  • DOLLS Various brands

    DOLLS Various brands (60)

    Antique and vintage, various brands.
  • Fabric

    Fabric (35)

    A selection of Antique French Fabric ideal for Slow Stitching.  Vintage Feed Sack fabric from America 1930s.  New Fabric Panels with images by wildlife artist Natalie Jane Parker.  Other bits & pieces.
  • Feed Sack Fabric

    Feed Sack Fabric (11)

    Authentic American made vintage flour/feed sack cotton fabric – 1930’s to 1950’s. This is the same fabric that was used by many people in their kitchens back in the Depression times, and even today. There is a real survival story behind flour and feed sack fabric. The colours are very clear and dynamic and the fabric is, as feed and…
  • Industrial Textile Bobbins, Milk & Soda Bottles

    Industrial Textile Bobbins, Milk & Soda Bottles (90)

    Marie & Rod have been trading in vintage for thirty years with their company Picket Fence Imports.  With overseas UK, Canadian & US supplies of industrial textile bobbins, milk & soda bottles dwindling, they decided to retire from major wholesale trade, yet will continue to sell Australian sourced vintage.  The remaining stock was freighted on four seven foot high pallets…
  • Militaria & Other Tinnies & Charity Badges

    Militaria & Other Tinnies & Charity Badges (402)

    World War One & Two Tinnies & Charity Badges were sold to raise funds for war efforts in many countries around the world, including Australia, United Kingdom & Germany. They raised funds for civilians, returned soldiers, fighting soldiers and Allies in war. They are little pieces of social history & it's remarkable they survive. Badges for other charities and organisations…
  • Teatowel Roadtrips

    Teatowel Roadtrips (317)

    If you are dreaming of visiting your favourite holiday destination, or wish to re-live happy memories, then look no further than a vintage tea towel. Perhaps you live in the area on the tea towel? They make perfect gifts for friends. Most of these have never been used. Many are 100% pure linen or linen cotton blend.
  • BUTTONS Vintage & New

    BUTTONS Vintage & New (90)

    There’s something about a box, jar or tin of old buttons that fascinates young and old, alike. More than a few of us have become avid button collectors as a result. I hope you will enjoy collecting, and using, these beautiful buttons. They come presented on a display card, which means they are excellent for gift giving too. Most are…
  • Books

    Books (45)

    Whether it be antique, vintage, preloved or new, there is nothing as great as taking time out from your day to read a good book. It may be a novel, autobiography, something historical, interesting or a book of reference. Here we present a selection of childhood favourites, classics and interesting books. Many will make great gifts. There are literally thousands…
  • Ephemera & Postcards

    Ephemera & Postcards (175)

    Euphamera includes vintage postcards, albums, scraps, letters, written documents, pictures, bookplates…
  • Militaria

    Militaria (111)

    This category is dedicated to all things military. Whether it be Imperial Japanese, Napoleonic, Empire, World War I & II or more modern, discover it here. Swords, daggers, dirks, cutlass, flags, clothing, accessories, badges, papers & postcards…
  • Pottery - West German

    Pottery - West German (44)

    West German Art Pottery is a term describing the time period of 1949-1990. It became the early way to describe the pottery, because the country of origin is often the only ‘mark’ on the base of items. During the 1960′s there were around 150 different companies producing West German Pottery. They included Bay Keramik, Carstens, Ceramano, Dumler & Breiden, ES…