Ginger Beer Cordial




GINGER BEER – Ginger Beer is normally brewed using a ginger beer plant. If your mum used to brew her own, you will remember the hassle of feeding the plant, checking the brew and then the inevitable exploding of bottles! Now you can enjoy real Old Fashioned Ginger Beer from Ma Beattie just by removing the cap from the bottle, pour a little cordial into your glass and top up with lemonade, soda or milk. Turn your ginger beer into a Ginger Spider by adding a generous dollop of ice-cream into the top of your glass. Add a dash of Ginger Beer Cordial to your stir-fries for an instant ginger taste, use as a topping drizzled over ice-cream. A nip of Ginger Beer to fruit juice really enhances those fruity flavours. It’s an essential ingredient in tropical fruit drink or fruit punch.