Steiff Antique, Vintage Bears & Animals + other items vintage
The $9,000 Steiff bear below, is in near pristine condition. Plush mohair all over… When a child sleeps with their teddy and loves him dearly, he’ll get wear marks on one side of his face from being cuddled in bed, and wear marks on his chest from cuddles during the day. His joints will get loose from being dragged around and his ears will fall off and be restitched. His paw pads will also need patching over the years. This 1920’s Steiff has had none of that. He’s been loved, but now look how well a Steiff bear lasts… 90years old and almost perfect. Amazing!!! Better still this bear comes with a providence (a proven history). There’s a photograph attached of his original owner, with her bear, taken when she was 7 years old.

Don’t be afraid to dress up your vintage bears. Older Steiff are often dressed by their owners to help preserve their arms, legs and chests.

Why buy Vintage Bears and Animals?

Any collector of antiques and old wares will tell you half the fun is in the hunt! The thrill when you happen along something that you know you can add to your collection – especially if it’s for sale at less than market value! Secondary market Antique and old Steiff Teddy bears and animals are highly sought after the world over. The better the condition for their age, the more valuable they are. At auctions in Europe and the UK old Steiff bears command prices up to AU$400,000.
Early Steiff (before 1970’s) were all woodwool stuffed (its called excelsior). If you hold the Steiff up to your ear and give it a gentle squeeze, you’ll hear a crunching sound – a delight to a vintage bear collector – generally speaking, woodwool stuffed equals old! Turn the bear upside down – if you hear a clunk, he has a growler that no longer works. Squeeze his belly, he may have a squeaker that no longer works. Or even better, they may still work! That adds value! Not only Steiff were woodwool stuffed. Other German and European toys were made the same way. They do not have the trademark button in ear that a Steiff does, but they will be old.

Some collectors seek out only Vintage bears and animals – they have such character, and they add charm to your collection – mixed in with new bears, or added to other poor souls… Animals look great paired with bears & dolls.