Monkey Chimpanzee – Hermann Red vintage 40cm.



Teddy Hermann Red Monkey.  55 years old.  Circa 1950’s – 1960’s.  Size 40cm standing.

Excellent near mint condition. Monkey would once have had a medallion attached to chest with red threads.  Mohair is thick and plush, airbrushed features are strong.  Glass eyes are clear and bright.  Felt hands and feet clean with no breakthroughs.  Press voice squeaker still works. Ribbon is vintage, but not original.  Acquired in Neustadt, Germany.

The company Teddy Hermann Bears from Hirschaid, Germany, began in 1907, when Johann Hermann (1854-1920) started making teddy bears in Neufang near Sonneberg/Thuringen, whith all his family members helping him.  His oldest son Bernhard Hermann, the founder of the Teddy Hermann company Hirschaid, started his own business in 1912 and married Ida Jager.  They moved to Sonneberg and established a small factory.  Sonneberg was the world’s centre of toy manufacturing at the time.

Bernhard’s four sons were all involved.  They relocated to Hirschaid in 1948 and when Bernhard died in 1959 the sons continued to run the now successful business. Today two grandaughters of Bernhard are in charge of design and management of the commonly referred to Hermann Red company.

Hermann Red label continues the high ideals of the old firm manufacturing with only the finest quality handmade teddy bears and soft toy animals.  The red logo is and has always been a much valued trademark among teddy bear collectors the world over.