Soft, cuddly and flat, the FLATOUTbear is a unique product used mainly as a comforting plush toy for your child to hug and cherish. They are made in China from 100% Australian sheepskin. Approximate size of 30cm x 25cm and approximately 4cm flat. They have safety eyes and a safety nose. Because flat Teddy is so soft and flat you will find that baby can lie on Teddy, hold onto him easily and cuddle him. Children love to bury their little fingers into the sheep’s wool. A ‘please phone home’ label is stitched in, with room for a phone number if FLATOUTbear goes missing. Meets Australian, New Zealand, EU, UK and USA children’s toy safety requirements.
They are a great natural gift for newborns and, from my experience, the baby’s parents will love them.