Wooden Play bag from Seiffen, Germany



At around 90 years old, these little wooden animals were hand carved in the 1920’s or 1930’s.  Six trees, four animals and the original ‘knitted’ mesh bag complete the set.  Every item has been lovingly carved, painted by toy makers in Seiffen, Germany – a village famous for its skiing and toy making on the Czech border.

Much of the regions wealth came out of the silver mines.  Miners lived life largely underground in the dark.  They yearned for the light that is still bestowed upon Germans, by the warm glow of the Schwibbogen – half arched candleholders and candles placed  in the windows of homes.  The miners carved them oncold nights from Balsam wood.

It was these same miners who gave rise to the wooden toymaking industry in Seiffen.  A set such as this one was made to last – as this unique set has – for almost 100 years.