Anker Lion $50



40 years old.  Made from 1954-1976. (I’d say this one 1970’s).  Made by a lesser known German Munich Toy manufacturer Anker, this quirky lion is made of mohair with stitched nose and google eyes.  He wears an original chest tag from Anker, featuring an Anchor.  In 1957 the trademark first used, an anchor with a bear, changed to an anchor and a lion.  The company began in 1954 when Ernst Baumler bought the company from Johann Hermann Nachf (Hermann in Sonneberg) and Anker went on to be based in Munich.  Decades of successful toy making saw Anker producing classic Hermann like bears and new characters such as Mufti the Laughing Donkey & Drolli the Grotesque bear.  Schuco had begun to collaborate with Ernst in 1976 & when Schuco closed down the same year, it took Anker down with it.