Schuco Yes/No Tricky Monkey Limited Edition 45cm – vintage



Tricky is around 25 years old, produced in the 1990’s.  Tricky is a Limited Edition made as a replica of those from the 1950’s.  The certificate attached to Tricky’s right arm numbers Tricky at 243 of 2000.  Excellent condition, produced using the Schuco trademark medallion attached to chest.  The mechanism inTricky’s tail allows the monkey to nod yes and no when wiggled up and down and from side to side.  Tricky’s from the 1950’s were wood wool stuffedwith a squeaker.  This limited edition is fibre filled and doesn’t have a squeaker.  Eyes are plastic – still clear and bright.  This Tricky has been in a glass cabinet and as a result mohair and felt features are in mint condition.  Ribbon around neck is new.  Acquired in Frankfurt, Germany.