Braemore Carstens Pottery Vase


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This one is a bit of a cross over between Australian & West German Pottery.  Marked B.C on the base, with a form number. Measures 8cm high.  No damage.

Australian firm Braemore Pottery was set up by Russell Cowan, Waitara, Sydney, NSW, Australia in 1939 at the start of WWII.  In the 1960’s son Geoff took over management of the business and entered into an agreement with West German Pottery manufacturer Carstens, who made a range of vases and jugs under the name Braemore Carstens, hence the B.C maker mark.  In 1947 at wars end, the Soviet Union took over Carstens factories and continued to manufacture pottery under a different name for a time in former East Germany.  Carstens also had a factory in former West Germany, located in Freden an der Leine, where they continued manufacture until the mid 1980’s.