West German Pottery Vase



Measures 18cm high x 10cm base diameter.  Scheurich Manufacture. One of few companies still in production. No damage.

West German Art Pottery is essentially a term describing the time period of 1949-1990.  It became the early way to describe the pottery because the country of origin was often the only ‘mark’ on the base.  The first number indicated the model or style and the second number indicates the height.  Some manufacturers added a makers mark, but more often than not they applied a paper sticker to the items which do not often survive.

The hey day decades of manufacture were the 1950’s, 1960’s and early 1970’s.  Over 100 pottery and porcelain companies were producing art pottery in West Germany.  Scheurich, Carstens, Bay, ES Keramik Emons & Sohne and Dumler Breiden were the most prolific producers and while production began slowing in the early 1970’s, a wide variety of art pottery was produced well into the 1980’s.

‘Fat Lava’ is a popular term that refers to a subcategory of thick glaze that gives the object a lava like look and it is the great variety of forms and expressive colours that make West German Pottery collectable today.  Best of all West German Pottery is functional, can fit into the interior style and design of many homes and is still inexpensive to purchase.