Teddy Leopard


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Straight away, his eyes get your attention…..yellow with large solid black pupils, with dark shading behind them.  He’s a leopard…..but there is no doubt he’s a bear.  Teddy bear “Leopard” is the first of three unmistakable bear representatives that were created by the artist, Peter Lorenz, from Leverkusen on the occasion of the 2005 Teddy Bear Parade in Giengen, Germany.  The original was 1.2 metres high and made of fibreglass synthetic material.  Look forward to meeting Teddy bear Leopard’s friends – Teddy bear Tiger and Teddy bear Zebra in the future.  Teddy Leopard is 40cm tall and his soft fur is made of high quality alpaca that was painted by hand with the typical leopard pattern.  Leopard has a deep growler voice and his silent paws are made of felted wool.  He is a Limited Edition of 2,008 pieces worldwide.