Honey Comb in plastic tub



100% pure Australian Section Comb Honey.  190g section in a lidded plastic container.  Taken straight from the hive, its a real luxury.  Most bee keepers won’t sell section comb, because it makes the bees work hard in the hive.  They need to rebuild all the little hexagonal cells again, before they fill them with honey and seal them up with a layer of beeswax.  Don’t worry though, bee keepers love their bees, just like a farmer tends his dairy cow herd.

Not only is honey good for your general well being, the beeswax comb will keep your gums and skin in tip top condition.  It’s the reason why nearly every skin care product you pick up has bee product as an ingredient. Honey, beeswax, propolis, pollen…

Honey is also a great energy boost for hikers, sportspeople & a great snack for children’s lunch boxes.

How do you eat section comb?  You can just spread it on toast as is and eat it all up.  Your digestive system will take care of the wax.  Or eat a teaspoon a day – suck the honey out of the comb, chew the comb like gum and when you are ready, spit the wax out.  A square of section comb will also look very fancy on a breakfast tray, cheese platter, or incorporated into dessert.  Honey and cheese is a “match made in heaven.”