Yellow Box Honey



Yellow Box Eucalypt trees grow right along the east coast of Australia and the flavour is one of mainland Australia’s most popular.  It’s a mild medium flavour that just rolls off your tongue, but is often in short supply. This is because of popularity, but also because of short flowering seasons of the trees.  There’s a lot of honey packaged up as Yellow Box, that is actually more of a blend, so buyer beware!

Super Bee are based on Gold Coast, QLD.  You might have been to their Super Bee World and seen a bee keeping demonstration.  Their honeys are always available in our tasting bar to try. (There’s actually always 18 different varieties to taste in store.)  Super Bee are a family owned company who purchase bulk quantities of honey from bee keepers all over Australia.  They give them a fair price for their honey, then package it under the Super Bee brand.  It’s a great way to sample different honeys and yes they really do all taste different!

We stock in 40g, 500g, 1kg plastic jars, 100g plastic squeeze the following varieties: Yellow Box, Macadamia, Rainforest, Ironbark, Eucalyptus, Floral Blend, Leatherwood.  Then there’s 500g Raw Honey, 500g Honey/Ginger, 500g Honey Cinnamon, 500g Floral Blend with chunk of comb, 300g section comb, 250g, 500g, 1kg 12 & 20 Active Manuka Honey.  (The Manuka honey comes from New Zealand.)