Elephant on Wheels


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Margarete Steiff Elephant on Wheels.  Deluxe in every way with tusks made from solid stamped 925 sterling silver.

Margarete Steiff special editions are truly works of art and made in very limited quantities.  They are reserved for the most serious of Steiff Collectors.  This breathtaking white elephant is made of paper plush.  35cm long and limited edition of only 139 pieces worldwide. During and immediately after WW1, mohair & felt were in short supply.  The Schulte Company (now owned by Steiff) cleverly developed a tweed-like paper plush made from nettles which was used from 1919 to 1921 to make bears, dogs, cats & rabbits.The material was re-discovered in 2010 as a brown paper plush and made into a very popular Teddy Bear which Steiff says, “was a smashing success” Steiff is making history again with this first ever white paper plush elephant.

Everything is handmade:  Wheels of solid beech wood.  Wheel caps are stainless steel featuring the famous elephant logo from early 1900s.  Tusks of sterling silver.  A supporting glossy chrome frame.  Glass eyes with metallic rim.  Brushed stainless steel button-in-ear.  Wood wool stuffing.  Black tag to signify a rare collectable. Comes in a lined round canister with booklet & certificate.

See it displayed in the Cabinets of Curiosities Museum, top floor of Morpeth Antiques.