Coca-Cola Polar Bear


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A veritable winter wonderland of polar bears!  Three polar bears with stylish Coca-Cola scarves – the ideal companions for the winter months. Decked out in red and white, the three friends never fail to catch the eye. And each one enjoys life in his own way … Our 38 cm Coca-Cola polar bear is eager to warm his paws again after his long trek through ice and snow. He also looks quite stylish in his red muff … which of course goes perfectly with his scarf, his fine alpaca coat and his gold-plated “Button in Ear” featuring the elephant motif. And he´s not far wrong. Wouldn´t you agree? made of high quality alpaca white 5-way jointed surface washable limited edition of 1.000 pieces with gold-plated “Button in Ear” with elephant motif 38 cm  “TM Coca-Cola 2014