Caramelised White Balsamic Dressing with Lime


Caramelised White Balsamic Dressing with Lime



You can see from the label its a winner – 2010 gold at the RAS Tasmania.  Savour the soft gentle flavour of white balsamic vinegar caramelised into a rich, slightly sweet dressing. The burst of lime makes it simply perfect as a fresh and lively salad dressing or as a drizzle over Asian greens.  Perfect for seafood, try it as a dipping sauce or as a finishing sauce touch on grilled fish.  Our Gourmet Foods manager Robyn says it’s yummy over fresh fruit.

Simply Stirred is produced by Hunter Heritage Gourmet Foods aka The Newcastle Pudding Lady.  Ann Cummings and her brother Peter were perplexed by being helter skelter for just 6 months of the year July – December in pudding season and went looking for another range to put their energy into for the first 6 months of the year.  Their ‘Simply Stirre’d range & now ‘Splash’ Sauce range have become bigger than ‘Ben Hur’ and arguably the puddings.  That’s because they are developing on trend new flavours all the time and every one of them is a winner in our eyes (and those of our customers).

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If you have a favourite you’d like to order online from us, let us know and we’ll add it to our website.

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