Zsolnay ‘Fighting Bears’ Figurine


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31cm in height.  No damage.

The Zsolnay porcelain business was established in 1853 at Pecs, in Hungary, about 200km south of the capital of Budapest,by Miklos Zsolnay for his son Ignac.  The factory became a leading producer of Art Nouveau ceramics in eastern Europe and thier first major success was at the 1873 World Exhibition in Vienna, which resulted in many export orders.  During WWI they turned to manufacturing war related ceramics, and after the war returned to the manufacture of decorative ceramics on a reduced scale.  During WWII the factory was bombed and the company fell under Communist rule in 1948.  Zsolnay was dropped from the company’s name, but was reinstated in 1982, when the company again became independent. They continue to create original designs as well as issue new editions of past productions.  These fighting bears were first produced in 1911.  This version is a later model.