Truffle Oil



This 40ml bottle sure packs a punch when it comes to flavour.  Just a drizzle in pasta will flavour a dish for four people, put out as a dipping oil on an antipasto platter for your special friends, drizzle over crusty bread or bruschetta, grilled fish, cured meats, pizza, grilled asparagus.  Stir into scrambled egg, mash potato, chicken salad, risotto.  Add to sauces.  This 40ml bottle has 0.4% truffle aroma.  Larger bottles have a higher % and even whole truffle pieces in them.

The Wine & Truffle Co. based in Manjimup, WA is a fabulous place to visit – plenty of wine and truffle tastings may be followed up lunch.  Truffle mushroom soup entree, truffled trout for main and truffled icecream for dessert.  That’s what I had!  You can see the truffle dogs through the fence, but aren’t allowed to go too close because they are working dogs not pets.  (I bought a postcard instead.)

The business started in 1997 by a group of 25 Australian investors, who had a vision to establish the largest mainland trufferie in Australia and in the southern hemisphere, for the purpose of producing french black truffles, a rare and expensive delicacy, and to compliment their premium wines.  In 1997 they began cultivation on 53 hectares and planted 13,000 hazel and oak trees that had been inoculated with truffle spores.  In 2003 – black gold!  The very first truffle was discovered – 168 grams – huge!  The annual harvests increased to 4kg in 2004, 26kg in 2005, 100kg in 2006, 325kgs in 2007 and well… you get the idea.It’s just as well because the truffles are in such high demand.  They are even selling them to the French!  The truffle hunters and dogs harvest from late May to early September and the dogs sniff them out, then the hunter digs into the ground to reveal and harvest them.

What’s a truffle?  It’s a fungi – like a mushroom, except it looks like a round dirty brown ball.  It tastes mushroomy with a hint of hazelnut.  (Some people say it tastes like old musty boots)  Never the less if you are curious, these truffle products are well priced to experiment with.

From the Wine & Truffle Co we stock – Truffle Oil in a 40ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml bottle.  Truffle sea salt flakes, truffle honey, truffle mustard, hazelnut dukkah, mushroom & truffle tapenade, truffle viniagrette.

At the moment we also stock a range of truffle products from Italy.  There’s black and white truffle oil, tapenade and a porcini mushroom salsa.  They have from 1% to 15% truffle in them.