Strange Situations Game




With 100 bizarre predicament cards & 2,500 combinations, which incredibly strange situation are you most likely to end up in?  What will everyone vote for?

Designed for ages 6+ and two or more players, each round will take just 10 minutes.

How to play:

Separate the instruction cards and shuffle what remains of the two decks, then place them face down in the case.  To begin, draw the top card from each deck and read the strange situations aloud.  All the other players now discuss which weird situation they think you would be more likely to find yourself in. Once they decide, reveal which situation  you think more suits you (and maybe share a story to back up your choice?)  Play then moves clockwise to the next player who draws the top card from each deck.  For alternative Rules: Just draw one card and decide which person in your group is most likely to end up in the situation.  The group could also vote in secret to see if they agree.