Salt Flakes – Murray River 50g



Murray River Gourmet salt is produced from ancient saline waters sourced from underground aquifers found in Australia’s Murray Darling based region.  By intercepting these underground aquifiers, which would otherwise enter the Murray River, the Murray River salt team are helping toward the efforts to combat Australia’s inland salinity problem.  The naturally occurring minerals found in this ancient saline water produce a uniquely pink hued salt that is delicate and soft in texture.

Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes are enjoyed the world over, (there’s a shop in Como, Italy that specialises in selling salt from around the world.  Their best seller is Murray River!  Do you think George Clooney buys it? )and can be used as a garnish or for cooking.  The perfect finish for any dish!

Lay a bed of Murray River salt down and place freshly shucked oysters on top.  Place a bowl of pink salt out with dinner, so everyone can add a pinch to their meal if required.  Sprinkle over roast potatoes when they go in the oven.  Replace your white salt with pink salt & taste the difference!

We stock this 150g sachet as well as a 50g ($5) sachet.  Both have a convenient resealable zip lock. There’s also a refillable grinder of pink salt ($8).