Rising Sun Hat Badge Collection


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The presentation case measures 18cm x 24cm x 3.5cm deep.  Within seven replicas of Australia’s Military Hat Badges.

The stunning History of the Rising Sun Hat Badge Collection from the military specialists, is the perfect gift for any military personnel or enthusiast. The Rising Sun Collection includes high quality replicas of each of the Seven versions of the Rising Sun hat badge.

The first Rising Sun Hat Badge from February 1902. It was issued to mounted troops in the Boer War. It bore only the word AUSTRALIA arched above a King’s Crown.

The second Rising Sun Hat badge from April 1902 added a scroll with the words ‘Commonwealth Horse’ and changing ‘Australia’ to ‘Australian’. This badge was a modified version for the Commonwealth Horse.

The third Rising Sun badge from May 1904 carried a scroll inscribed with the words ‘Australian Commonwealth Military Forces’ and was worn throughout both World Wars. There were, however, a number of variations of the badge; a special version was struck for the coronation of King Edward VII in 1902 and there were badges of the Commonwealth Horse and the Australian Instructional Corps, each with its respective title on the scrolls. This pattern badge formed the template for all subsequent General Service badges.

The fourth Rising Sun Hat Badge is from 1949 when Corps and Regimental Badges were reintroduced into service. The wording on the scroll on the Rising Sun badge was changed to read Australian Military Forces.

The fifth Rising Sun Hat Badge is from 1954 when the badge was changed to incorporate the Queen’s crown with the ascension of Elizabeth 2.

The sixth Rising Sun Hat Badge from 1969 was modified to incorporate the Federation Star and Torse Wreath from the original 1902 version of the badge and the scroll wording changed to Australia.

The current design Rising Sun Badge from 1991 was produced with ‘The Australian Army’ on the scroll and the removal of the Federation Star and heraldic wreath. The Rising Sun Badge was originally called the General Service Badge, but it is now officially labelled the Australian Army Badge. It will, however, always be referred to as the Rising Sun Badge.