Rifle – Owen Machine Carbine 1941 – 1965.




The Owen Machine Carbine Rifle is the second from the top of the stand.  It measures 125mm x 65mm.

Die Cast Metal Miniature Rifles.  There are four iconic Australian rifles in the series, recreated in intricate detail.  The collection features the Short Magazine Lee Enfield No 1 Mk 3 as used by the diggers in the Great War 1907 – 1959, Owen Machine Carbine 1941 – 1965, L1A1 SLR 1959 – 1988 and the F88 Austeyr 1988 – present.  These quality 1/6th scale miniatures are die cast in zinc and then plated in nickel or copper before being hand finished.  Each miniature is sold separately and includes vital statistics about the rifle.  A modular stand, complete with nameplates for each rifle is also available to display your collection.  Rifles $20 each.  Stand $25.