Orange Star Anise Sauce



This is an unusual, yet stunningly appealing dense orange sauce, that awakens the taste buds. Get ready for the tantalizing sharp taste of orange, in a sweet infusion of star anise and cinnamon quills.

TO USE; Pork belly, chicken, quail, char grilled vegetable, salads or martini

Boutique Sauces, were launched four years ago, by Hunter Valley based Regan & Daniel Facey, with a goal to make it easy for everyone to create gourmet meals at home, with restaurant-quality flavours!  All you need do is heat, pour and serve the sauce to enjoy the sophisticated taste of five star fine-dining.

Regan and Daniel Facey, have a passion for cooking and entertaining and spent 2 years perfecting their range of mouth-watering recipes.  Previously, Regan spent years as a chef in Europe, and it was while working in some of the finest restaurants and serving meals to celebrities and other high-society customers, she decided to bring the quality and flavours she was creating to her home here in Australia.

What separates a chef-made dish from a home-made? The flavour!  A chef spends hours simmering, testing and tasting to create a meal worthy of rave reviews – but that’s a luxury the average working-person doesn’t have.  So they’ve done it for you!

Each sauce is made from the highest-quality ingredients right here in Australia. Each flavour is totally natural with NO artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, NO GM ingredients and is also completely gluten-free.  Regan says, “Every bottle is a labour of love and we hope you’ll love tasting them as much as we love making them!”

Each 270ml jar of goodness serves four people & contains: Red Wine Jus $18, Diane Sauce with Buttery Leek, Green peppercorn & Brandy Sauce, Orange Star Anise Sauce, Beef & Rib Sauce or Chipotle Pineapple & Lime, all $13 each.