Hawk Bird Scarer Replacement Sheet & Clip Set



This thin plastic sheet and clip set will ‘freshen up’ your hawk bird scarer.  The hawk bird scarer which lasts for decades, will still work without this plastic sheet attached, as it is mainly the hard plastic profile of the hawk that does the scaring.  This thin plastic sheet (which deteriorates over time), will assist in making the hawk more visible to the birds you are trying to scare, with it’s colour & because the wing tips, head and tail areas hang down from the hard plastic profile of the hawk and flutter in the breeze, creating extra movement.  That’s why we sell them as an optional extra.

Postage at checkout is a standard $15, so if it is only one or two plastic replacement sets you are ordering the postage will be a lot less – $2.20 in an envelope for one or 2 sets or $8 in a small package for lets say up to 10 sets.  We will refund the postage difference via paypal or you may contact us by email or phone for an actual postage quote if you plan on paying with direct debit, or wish to use credit card over the phone.