Hawk Bird Scarer – Solve Your Bird Problems



The hawk bird scarer has been manufactured & sold in Australia since 1984 – almost 40 years.  It doesn’t work on sparrows, but with almost every other problem bird you will get results.  So confident are we, that you will get the results you are after, there is a ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee.  The hawk bird scarer is a very simple product – a flat piece of plastic in the shape or silhouette of a brown Gos Hawk, native to all of Australia.  It measures 70cm from wing tip to wing tip, when assembled.

It works on the ‘Mother Nature’ principle that when you suspend the hawk up in the air, or under a verandah it looks like a real hovering hawk.  Smaller birds won’t fly under the hawk for fear of being taken.  The hawk bird scarer is not a kite, so it does need to be suspended.  The two best methods of suspension are using fishing line or light wire, or what we call ‘the pole method’, where the hawk is fixed to one end of a narrow length of plastic plumbers pipe, or galvanised water pipe and tethered or lashed to a star picket in the ground, poked up through the crown of a fruit tree etc…

The hawk bird scarer comes with a 28 page booklet on bird scaring and a printed instruction manual, with photographs & diagrams, showing you how to erect the bird scarer using alternate methods.

For extra information on the hawk bird scarer follow the link to the website www.hawkbirdscarer.com or call us P: +61 2 4934 8330. Email: info@hawkbirdscarer.com