Gentle Cleanse Soap Bar – The Daydreamer



As well as the tradie cream there are three rough cut soap bars: $13 each.
The Daydreamer for a gentle wash, with olive and coconut oil, lemon myrtle, sodium lactate & gluconate as ingredients.

The Apprentice for a wash with a little bit of exfoliating grit. Ingredients are olive and coconut oil, frankincense, Peru balsam and peppermint essential oils, sodium lactate, gluconate, ground macadamia nut shell.

The Boss Soap Bar, which is more akin to using a product like Solvol, but its natural ingredients include: Olive and coconut oil, cedarwood and rosemary essential oils, sodium lactate and gluconate, ground walnut shell and iron oxide.

100g tin ($20) of naturally crafted hand repair cream, that is non greasy, so your tradie friends don’t need to worry about their tools being slippery to handle after applying this cream. Keep one tin in the tool kit, one in the glove box and one at home. Perfect for those who work with their hands – farmers, gardeners and dry skin, no matter your profession or gender.

Natural vegan friendly ingredients, with a slight cedarwood fragrance. No fuss. Australian Made.
The story behind ‘Aussie Man Hands’ began back in 2017, when Jake, a plumber from Canberra, got a nasty infection via a cut in his hand and nearly lost his arm. Jake was lucky. The doctors worked their magic and his arm was saved, but they left him with an important message: “Look after your hands Jake! Use hand cream.”

When Jake rejected cream after cream, Jake’s mum Maree, decided to create her own and Aussie Man Hands was born. Jake’s tradie mates kept asking to borrow his cream, Jake kept phoning his mum to make some more and now this quick absorbing cream is produced on a still small, but commercial scale.

Whilst Aussie Man Hands doesn’t claim to cure eczema, you really should give it a go. We have many customers at the store who say it has made a very positive impact to their skin and therefore their lives.