Dig It Out – Australian Fossil Find



Excavate your own Australian fossil replica.  The box measures 18cm x 11cm.  It’s a ‘lucky dip’ as to which one you will receive.  Either Thylacine (marsupial tiger), Thylacoleo (Marsupial Lion) or Obdurodon (Ancient Platypus).  For ages 6 and up.

In north west Queensland, on a remote plateau of a cattle station called Riversleigh, paleontologists have unearthed a diverse collection of prehistoric animals whose history dates back 25 million years.  From rock hard limestone, scientists have recovered the remains of hundreds of different species from one of the world’s richest fossil deposits.  In this kit is a fiossil replica of the type found at Riversleigh.

Use the digging tools (included) to scrape away the plaster.  When you see an object, continue digging, but more carefully.  Remove the remaining plaster from the model with the moistened sponge included or wash with water.  Dry the fossil replica with a cloth.