Cornishware Round ‘Betty’ Teapot – Six Cup Red




The image shows both the large and small round teapot for scale.  The large is like a 6-8 cup and is a new shape/design for Cornishware.

Cornishware was first produced in the 1920’s by TG Green in Church Gresley, Derbyshire.  It has become a British design classic, known around the world for its simple beauty and practicality.  Cornishware’s famous blue and white stripes came from the lathe turning process, which removed bands of the beautiful blue slip to reveal the white clay beneath.  It is said that the colours reminded a TG Green employee of the blue skies and white crested waves of Cornwall.

Cornishware has recently produced a red and white version of the traditional blue/white, which also looks stunning in both a traditional or modern kitchen.