Campaign Badge – South East & Asia Pacific WWII




Each campaign badge measures 2cm diameter.  On the back the history of the campaign is outlined.

‘Due to the emphasis placed on cooperation with Britain, relatively few Australian military units were stationed in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region after 1940.  Measures were taken to improve Australia’s defences as war with Japan loomed in 1941, but these proved inadequate. In December 1941 the Australian Army in the Pacific comprised the 8th Division, most of which was stationed in Malaya, and eight partially trained and equipped divisions in Australia, including the 1st Armoured Division.  The RAAF was equipped with 373 aircraft, most of which were obsolete trainers, and the RAN had three cruisers and two destroyers in Australian waters.

In 1942 the Australian military was reinforced by units recalled from the Middle East and an expansion of the CMF and RAAF.  United States Military units also arrived in Australia in great numbers before being deployed to New Guinea.  The Allies moved on to the offensive in late 1942, with the pace of advance accelerating in 1943.  From 1944 the Australian military was mainly relegated to subsidiary roles, but continued to conduct large scale operations until the end of the war.’