Campaign Badge – Malayan Emergency




Each campaign badge measures 2cm diameter.  On the back the history of the campaign is outlined.

‘The Malayan Emergency was declared on 18th June 1948.  Australia’s involvement in the Emergency began in 1950 with the arrival of RAAF aircraft and personnel in Singapore.  Dakotas from 38 Squadron and six Lincoln bombers of 1 Squadron provided the backbone of air operations.

In October 1955, the 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR), arrived in penang; they were replaced by 3 RAR in October 1957. 3 RAR left malaya in October 1959 to be replaced by 1 RAR.  The Malayan government officially declared the emergency over on 31st July 1960, however 1 RAR remained in Malaya until October the following year, when 2 RAR returned for a second tour.  In August 1962 the battalion was committed to anti-communist operations in Perlis and Kedah, completing its tour in August 1963.

In addition to air and infantry forces, Australia also provided artillery and engineering support, and an airfield construction squadron built the main runway for the air force base at Butterworth.  RAN ships also served in the Malayan Emergency.  Lasting 13 years, the Malayan Emergency was the longest continuous military commitment in Australia’s history. 39,000 Australian servicemen were killed in Malaya and 27 were wounded.’