Campaign Badge – Europe WWII




Each campaign badge measures 2cm diameter.  On the back the history of the campaign is outlined.

This card is very crushed.  Don’t worry, we will select you one in better condition!

‘In effect, Australia fought two wars between 1939 and 1945 – one against germany and Italy as part of the British Commonwealth’s war effortand the other against Japan in alliance with the United States and Britain.  Relatively few Australians fought in Europe during WWII.  While most Australian forces were withdrawn from the Mediterranean following the outbreak of war in the Pacific, they continued to take part in large numbers in the air offensive against germany.  The RAAF, including thousands of Australians posted to British units, made a significant contribution to the defence of Britain and the strategic bombing of Germany and efforts to safeguard Allied shipping in the Atlantic.  The other services made smaller contributions, with two Army brigades being briefly based in Britain in late 1940 and several of the RAN’s warships serving in the Atlantic.’