Book - Convict Tattoos


Book – Convict Tattoos



A Really Good Book… the book you will receive is new condition.

“Convict Tattoos, Marked Men & Women of Australia”
It’s the most fascinating 120 page hard cover book, published late 2016, detailing the untold story of convict Australia. More than 166,000 convicts were transported to British penal colonies in Australia. At least 37% of men and 15% of women were tattooed when they arrived. Their tattoos were recorded as they disembarked.
Anchors for hope or all hope lost, names and initials of loved ones never to be seen again, Masonic symbols, religious motifs, patriotic statements, animals, mermaids, ships and true love-knots. Convict Tattoos brings to life the stories behind those records. With reproductions of individual convict entries and details of their felonry, subsequent adventures and misdemeanours, author Simon Barnard reveals an extraordinary slice of Australia’s History.

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