Badge – Australian Flag




This enamel badge measures 2cm wide x 1cm high.  The information on the backof the card reads, ‘In1901, the year of Australia’s Federation, a competition was run to designa national flag.  From a pool of over 32,000 entries, five near identical entries were declared joint winners and in September of 1901 the flag was flown for the first time at the Exhibition Building in Melbourne.

Initially the Commonwealth blue ensign, as it was then known, was only intended for official government and naval use.  In 1941 then Prime Minister Robert Menzies issued a directive that there should be no restrictionon flying the Commonwealth blue ensign.

In 1951 a recommendation by the Australian Government that the Commonwealth blue ensign be adopted as the Australian National Flag was approved by King George VI.  This status was formalised when Queen Elizabeth II gave Royal Assent to the Flags Act 1953 during her 1954 visit to Australia.’