WWII Australian Outdoor Survival Tool


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You can purchase one made new from a camping store for $35-$80, but our 21 dealers have never handled one that dates back to WWII.  It’s maker marked and dated 1942.  When unfolded from its leather pouch the chain measures 120cm.  The leather case measures 18cm x 18cm.  Inside the dated pouch are cylindrical compartments for the wooden handles also marked, that screw into the chain ends to operate it.  The brass ring features and arrow head and the numeral 14.  The handles are 14cm long.

For an Australian military collector or tool enthusiast, there may be no better gift. It’s practical too.  If your path is blocked by a fallen tree branch, simply whip out your survival tool, unfold, screw in the handles, wrap it around the branch and begin to saw the branch in half.  An ingenious design.  Perfect for the jungles of New Guinea, where it was probably used.