Winter Olympic 1936 Souvenier Cap


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This cap has a fascinating history, somewhat of a mystery at this stage.  It would have been purchased by a very wealthy visitor to the 1936 Winter Olympics held at Garmisch, Third Reich Germany.  Made from wool felt and vinyl which was a cutting edge material back in 1936, it features an early plastic Edelweiss pin on the side.  It’s in remarkable condition for it’s age, with just a few tiny moth holes.  This cap is at present the only known example in the world.  It will feature in a 2023 Australian magazine Antiques to Vintage & Everything In-between.  As the new owner of this cap, you will also receive a copy of the Winter Olympic 1936 Album, which features many statistics on the events, competitors and photographs.  In the back of the book are articles on previous Summer Olympics and a fold out map of the Berlin Summer Olympics site and stadium and feature articles promoting it.  You’ll also receive some Winter Olympic postcards.  The black and white images have been scanned from the book.