Stick Insect – Framed



SPECIES Eurycnema versirubra female

ORIGIN Australasia

FRAME 33.5×37.5xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION With a body length of up to 34cm the female is approximately double the size of the male phasmid. The female  has short antennae with large well developed wings. The transparent membranous wings have a rusty coloured lining. The body is thick and the colourations varies from light green to a dark bluish green. They feed on multiple food plants ranging from Guava , Eucalyptus and Bramble. Mating can last up to 2 days and females lay small eggs after 3-4 weeks. Adults can live up to several months.

Extra large female stick insects can be found in the tropical forests of far north Queensland. Fantastic specimen.