Rutzou Coat circa 2005


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Almost vintage long coat designed by Danish Clothing Brand Rutzou.   Susanne Rutzou (born in 1965) has been in fashion for over 25years.  She is owner of Rutzou brand and chief designer for Bruuns Bazaar.  Susanne is inspired by nature and is known for her organic style with soft materials and a feminine look.

This coat was purchased in Basel, Switzerland whilst on a walking tour with a tour group in 2005.  Displayed in the shop front window, I waited until the group stopped at a landmark and doubled back to try it on.  The ladies in the store were very excited.  With my school learnt German and their considerably better English, the ladies explained they had just sold one to a famous person & told me the brand was very exclusive.  There were very few of these coats made.  Not one to be swayed by a sales pitch, the coat  – it’s a European size 38 – fitted like a glove.  I loved it still, bought it, wore it out of the store & caught up to the group in about 8 minutes flat.

About one month after returning back to Australia, the Australian Woman’s Weekly ran a feature about Penny Lancaster, who had met Rod Stewart in 1999, a romance ensued and on 27th November 2005, she had just given birth to their first child.  There in the feature article was Penny Lancaster out in the garden of their glorious country manor wearing the same coat! After that article came out, every time I wore the coat, someone would comment they had seen one just like it, but couldn’t remember where.  Sadly I didn’t keep the magazine, but it’ll be archived out there somewhere in the world.

So – it’s a European size 38, made from cotton with lambs wool trim, fully lined with synthetic fabric, extremely warm and very clean condition.  There are a few little age fox spots on the arms and back, barely noticeable which may sponge out & the tag on the coat says it can be dry cleaned, so that will take care of those if they worry you.  It’s about 112cm in length.  The coat has eye hooks down the front to do it up.  Leather belt can be buckled at the front or at the back, which is how I wore it.

I wore it for 3 weeks on tour in Europe and occasionally in Melbourne during Winter.  Apart from that it has been displayed on a mannequin  for almost 20 years in a hallway.  I love it still, but it no longer fits and with it’s 25th anniversary around the corner, it’s time to let someone else enjoy it.  Well designed fashion ever goes out of vogue.