Religious Icon – Our Lady of Kazan


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Measures 19cm in height x 15cm wide.  Wooden plaque/tablet that has been made new: hand painted, featuring Our Lady of Kazan.

Our Lady of Kazan, also called Mother-of-God of Kazan, was a holy icon of the highest stature within the Russian Orthodox Church, representing the Virgin Mary as the protector and patroness of the City of Kazan, and a palladium of all Russia and Rus’, known as the Holy Protectress of Russia.  She is venerated by all Orthodox faithful.  According to legend, the icon was originally acquired from Constantinople, lost in 1438 and recovered over 140 years later in 1579.  Two major cathedrals the Kazan Cathedral in Moscow and the Kazan Cathedral, St Petersburg display copies as well as numerous churches throughout Russia.  The original icon in Kazan was stolen and thought destroyed in 1904.  Feast days of Our Lady of Kazan are 21st July and 4th November (which is also the Russian Day of National Unity).

100% handmade in Russia.