Milk Bottle – Mathis Dairy



Vintage glass milk bottle featuring Rosebud the dairy cow, from Atlanta, Georgia, America.  Measures 21cm high x 8cm square.

On Rainbow Drive, Decatur the family could go to Mathis Dairy & milk Rosebud the dairy cow.  Mathis Farm & Dairy began in 1917 with five cows and a horse and buggy.  R.L Mathis was a household name by the 1950’s.  250 children a day visited the dairy.  Other visitors included President Jimmy carter.  Rosebud retired in 1984.  In 1988 the dairy had 130 employees producing 12,000 gallons of milk a day, with 300 commercial accounts, stores & restaurants and 17,000 home delivery customers.  Home delivery ceased in 2018 – 100 years on from 1917 when they began.  R.L Mathis died in 1992.