Masonic Medallion from Cue Western Australia


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Marked Sterling Silver.  Presented to E.G Pearsall by the Combined Murchison Lodges at the Installation meeting held at Cue.  11th July, 1936.  The medallion measures 5.5cm x 4.5cm x 0.5cm deep.  That is excluding the ring.  The Masonic Lodge at Cue in Western Australia was photographed by Explored visions by GD.  Two of their images have been used in this post for reference.  The lodge was constructed in 1899 as a meeting place for the Murchison Lodge No 22 Masons.  The two story building is clad with corrugated iron.  Its architectural style is very different to other Masonic Lodges in WA and it is considered a rare example from the gold rush area.  Monthly meetings were held in the hall until August 1979 when they were cancelled due to insufficient members.  The Masons sold the property in 1985 and it was live in as a private residence until 1995.  The building is now owned by the National Trust who have carried out restoration work to the property.