‘Lolli Plop’ Game – As Found Condition



Two lolly pop paddles contain marbles.  Shake and move about your lolly pop to flip the marbles down the stick.  A game of skill they say.  Dates to 1962, it makes one heck of a noise when being played, as those marbles make contact with the early heavy duty plastic.  A remarkable survivor, with instructions and original box.  The box measures 31cm x 24cm x 3cm.  The Lollypop paddles measure 20cm x 10cm x 2.5cm.  On the box it says for ages 4 to 14, but can you guess who has had the most fun playing it so far?  The adult dealers at Morpeth Antique Centre of course.  We now have this game hidden in the office, so be assured, it will arrive to you still in good vintage condition.  Please be aware  ***  The tops of both paddles have cracking in the plastic where the marbles have been shaken and the red one has a small 5mm ‘hole’ in its plastic. ***  Being sold ‘as found’.  If you are a collector of vintage toys, this may be the set for you!