Flag – Second Substitution



Full sized flag, this one made from heavy cotton. Flags are not perfect, they have little repairs, rips and stains.

Not all signal flags in stock are featured online.  If you are wanting a particular letter or number, please get in touch.

The book Alpha. Bravo. Charlie. is available in the book section of this website.  It’s the complete book of nautical codes.

The International Code of Signals has forty signal flags in total – 26 alphabet flags, 10 numeral flags, 3 substitute flags that are used when a letter or number is repeated, and one code flag that is used to signal that a message is coming or has been received.  Sailors from around the world can communicate with one another using the International Code of Signals, even if they don’t speak each other’s language.  This is why the United Nations International Maritime Organisation requires all ships to carry signal flags, as well as a copy of the International Code of Signals.  This flag has been salvaged from a vessel that has been scrapped or has updated its flag set.