Coral from The Great Barrier Reef


Great Barrier Reef Coral & Giant Clam Shells

This year I had the pleasure of meeting Roslyn from Queensland based 4th generation Australian family business ‘Marine Arts’.  They commenced supplying shells and coral to Whitsunday Island holiday resorts in 1957.  They continue to supply beautiful shells and white coral for interior décor, jewellery, mosaics, weddings and events with a marine or beach theme.  They are the only licensed harvesters exclusively supplying sustainably harvested and government approved specimens of Australian white décor coral & Shop 12 at Morpeth Antique Centre is one of a handful of independent retailers approved by Marine Arts to sell their coral.

Corals are listed under the same international legislation that protects other threatened species such as turtle and elephant.  You are guaranteed that their coral is harvested by hand under precise arrangements, to ensure there is no damage to the Great Barrier Reef – a World Heritage listed area.  Even though the Great Barrier Reef accumulates an estimated five million tonnes of coral growth per year, sometimes they are unable to supply coral, due to storms, cyclones & the crown of thorns starfish population, which makes each piece unique, special and in some cases rare.

Coral makes a unique natural feature in a beach shack, coastal home or a country home bathroom, study or living room.  It will appeal to those with an interest in marine life and shape & form.  It’s the ultimate ‘cabinet of curiosities’ specimen.

Coral can be exported in luggage or by post, but you will need a special permit to do so, which we can arrange for you, with a minimum three day notice.  Priced from $35 – $2,000 depending on species & size, coral may make the perfect gift.  Each piece of coral comes with an information card including sustainability information, how to care for your coral and procedures for export.