Book – Prisoner ‘X’ in Hell on Earth (written by a WWII German Concentration Camp Survivor)


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German political prisoner Udo Dietmar tells the story of his survival during internment in the concentration camps of Dachau, Natzweiler & Buchenwald.  He gives an eye witness account of the society, morality and politics that fueled the systematic torture of millions during the Third Reich, when the NSDAP led Germany.  Published in 1946 it is a first edition with 152 pages written in the German language.

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The preface of the book begins with a rough translation:

Dachau, Mauthausen, Auschwitz, Lublin, Bergen Belsen, Neuengamme, Sachsenhausen, Natzweiler, Flossenburg, Ravensbruck.  Names that everyone knows today.  Names that have blood, innocent blood on them.  Names full of murder, brutal cowardly murder of countless people who were not National Socialists.  Names that are the most accusation ever made against a people has become embodied.  They are the names of the most notorious concentration camps, without the smaller and larger sub camps, where members of almost all nations marched in as those doomed to die, and many, countless numbers passed through the crematoria and dissolved in smoke and ashes.  There are no words, there are no concepts that express the unspeakable suffering of everyone that people are able to express.

There are also no words, there are no concepts in which to make the accusation, that could formulate against National Socialism.  Anyone who has taken part in it, someone who has had nothing to do with it and passed by, these atrocities.  These murders, who has personally experienced and seen the bestialities that one would not believe could ever have been committed by humans, cannot do otherwise, as the accusation screamed out into the world again and again with a loud voice.

When I write these lines today, I do not want to repeat the countless radio reports that gave the world their first news of these atrocities.  As one of the surviving witnesses I want to describe in truth what happened under my eyes and this book is intended to help humanity, especially our German people, recognise the true face of National Socialism.  To open your eyes, especially to those people who still have slight doubts about the press and radio reports and who may see them more or less as propaganda and keep asking yourself, “Say you were in a concentration camp yourself.  Was it really that terrible?”

It is intended to particularly wake up those who are forever yesterday, who are little affected by what happened in the tent, who still believe that everything would have been fine if Germany, that is, National Socialism, had won the war.  This book will tell the truth to all those who still regard the heresies of criminal National Socialism as unfounded as having a lump in your stomach these days….

… The net proceeds from this book , which will be published in all occupied zones in Germany, will go to the victims of fascism and will be used as additional support for comrades who were persecuted for the sake of truth and justice… so may the book go out into the world as a witness to the truth.”