Alvey Fishing Tackle Box – Brown


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Vintage Bakelite Alvey Fishing Tackle Box.  Circa 1950-1960’s.  These tackle boxes have been used, so exhibit light wear, scuffing to lids etc… but there are no chips, cracks or damage.

Charles Alvey migrated to Australia in 1910 at the age of 45.  His first intentions were to establish a cultured pearl industry, as he was being assisted in Australia by a friend who manufactured pearl buttons produced by machinery made by Charles Alvey.  As the friend had passed away on Charles Alvey’s arrival in Australia, he worked for a time as an engineer in the sugar mill at Bundaberg.  In 1920 the firm Charles Alvey was registered and he began making 20 reels a week on a treadle lathe.  Charles then took that weeks production into the city by tram and delivered the reels to the Hoffnungs Warehouse.  Charles’ son Ken joined the business and by 1933 a catalogue had been produced.  Charles passed away in 1945, but family continued on in the business and it grew from strength to strength, exporting reels in the 1960’s and 1970’s world wide.  The Alvey brand continues on today over 100 years and is an Australian icon.  You can read more about the brand at,  where this information came from.