Wind Up Black Cat – Vintage has key. Working order.



Wind Up Black Cat.  65 years old.  Circa 1950 – 1960’s. Size 6cm lying.

Excellent vintage condition. This wind up black ‘halloween’ cat is like new.  Found in an empty home workshop, kitty never made it into a store because an orange pumpkin ball had yet to be attached between the paws.  When wound up Kitty pokes out its tongue.  Glass eyes.  Key is original. Synthetic plush fur over a paper mache frame.

Acquired in Sonneberg, Germany.

When World War II finished, Germany was divided into East and West.  Sonneberg in the Thuringen region, the toy making capital of Germany at the time, ended up on the GDR East German (Communist) side of the border. Before this time factories sent items to home workshops to be assembled and finishing touches added, before the items were sent back to the factory for shipping around the world. Isolated from the rest of the world, many homes & cottage industries were abandoned.  When Germany was reunited, people began buying up these stores & houses, to discover treasure troves of toys and other items within. This cat is one such item.  It is one of around 100, still in the original boxes, just waiting to be assembled & then sold.